As a Human Resources Manager, I have recruited, hired, and trained over 1,500 individuals and interviewed twice as many. I know what stands out on a resume when a recruiter quickly scans it. While supporting organizations from a recruitment standpoint, I also supported the individuals at those organizations with their professional development. I helped them identify what the next best position may be, preparing them for promotions.

After several years in Human Resources, I started teaching and coaching college students on the entire career process. Everything from where to start their career search to resumes, cover letters, and interview prep. My niche was always in creating a strong resume that students were proud of and could continue to use and grow with as they progressed in their careers.

In addition to coaching college students, I have experience working in corrections, supporting inmates on the reentry process from a career standpoint. I understand the challenges in finding a sustainable career when one has a criminal record, and will offer support and direction to those looking to leave their past behind.

What makes me different?

I care about YOU! With other resume writing services you may never interact with the individual creating your resume. I take the time to get to know you personally, and learn your passions, strengths, and goals. You will always work directly with me and never an anonymous member of a writing team.

Who have I worked with?

  • College students and recent graduates
  • Ex-Offenders/CORI friendly support
  • Seasoned professionals in all industries looking for a career change or that next step
  • New and young professionals with limited or no experience looking for that first perfect opportunity
  • Military/Veterans/EMS

How long does the process take?

Based on where an individual is at in the resume writing process, the time to perfect that resume can take anywhere from three to ten days, averaging a week. However, the process may take longer if an individual needs more time to review or schedule consultations. Remember – this is all about you, I am comfortable working on your timeline.

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