For individuals who have completed a resume that has been used successfully for job searches in the past. Ideal for those looking to update their resume for the next position, or make basic additions and/or modifications to capture recruiter attention.


  • 30 minute consultation (phone or video conference) to discuss key focal points of the resume before edits are made
  • Up to three rounds of resume modifications and revisions via email
  • Edits include format, grammar, word choice optimization, alignment of keywords for target market
  • Strengthening of action statements to best showcase your skills and passions



For individuals who have their basic resume content and need support with writing, professional formatting, and tailoring for ideal positions. Ideal for individuals who have not updated their resume in several years such as stay at home parents looking to return to the workforce or professionals who have been in the same position for a while looking for that next big move, change industries, or career shift.


  • Initial 30 minute consultation and additional 20 minute consultation following first resume draft (phone or video)
  • Professional writing and formatting of resume
  • Up to four rounds of revisions via email communication to ensure accurate representation of individual

Full Resume Writing


For individuals who have a blank slate and have never created a resume before. Ideal for new professionals, recent graduates, or those that have not created a resume in over ten years such as ex-offenders or individuals looking for a career change.


  • 45 minute initial consultation (phone or video)
  • Up to two additional 20 minute consultations (phone or video)
  • Resume form and questionnaire to complete
  • Drafting of resume from scratch, including professional formatting, layout, design, and writing of action statements to highlight skills and experiences
  • Finalization of resume to ensure accurate representation of background
  • Advice and tips to use when editing your resume in the future

Additional Coaching Services

For additional coaching services, such as those noted below, please reach out, or we can discuss after your resume consultation, to determine the best way to partner and appropriate fees.

  • Interview Prep, including mock interview with feedback and research support
  • General Career Advising
  • Cover Letter Writing