I have known Taylor for the past ten years and I can’t count how many times I have asked her to review my resume and help with career advice. She’s helped me prepare three different versions (Government, one page, and extended version). She’s reviewed them all before I applied for jobs, advising me on the best verbiage to use and approach for a specific position. She’s extremely detailed and easy to work with.

Jeff M.

Professor Riley has been crucial in helping me synthesize my academic, professional, and personal work into transferable skills that I still use in my job to this day. Her feedback has encouraged me to not only genuinely reflect on my past experiences, but to use what I have learned to get the most out of future internships and positions. She has always encouraged my love for public health and has connected me with resources to pursue my passion. I am incredibly grateful to her for her work and recommend her to anyone looking to bring light to the talents and skills they have to offer this world.

Andrea R.

former student

I sent my resume to Taylor for review and editing while actively applying for numerous jobs. It wasn’t until her detailed comments were received, and the crucial edits (under her direction) were made, that I started to see an influx of responses to my applications. Taylor streamlined my resume in a way that only someone with her background and experience could do. Her advice and edits were so valuable, easy to follow and detailed to the point of perfection – will be working with her again and again!

Sarah M.

Taylor Riley helped me land my dream job through coaching on resume structure and content. She not only edited my resume, but also took the time to explain the reasoning behind the edits. Furthermore, she instructed me on strategies for adjusting my resume when applying for different roles. Taylor’s thorough attention to details sets her apart from everyone else. If you’re thinking of applying for a job or going to graduate school, go with Taylor Riley for resume coaching. You will be impressed with the results!

Cristina D.

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